4K Videography

Using state-of-the-art 4K Ultra High Definition Cameras we're able to capture the perfect scene in the greatest of detail and clarity, perfect for any situation.


Aerial Photography

Aerial Photographs are the perfect addition to any project or business. From a photo displayed in your company boardroom, to a signature photo to help boost your advertising to the next level.


3D Mapping

Perfect for any industrial situation, our advanced 3D mapping solutions can help you make sound decisions about a future project before you start construction.

Aerial Inspections

Our UAV platforms are the perfect solution to inspecting hard to reach equipment located on the top of buildings or at the top of tall communication towers. With our 4k camera system you can see every detail without climbing a ladder.



Farm Photography

The perfect accent to any home is addition of a beautiful Aerial Photo of your Farm or Acreage. Paradise Media offers affordable packages to meet any budget.